Keep your head up


I was having one of those days at my Admin assistant job today. You know one of those days where you get that email that something needs to be fixed immediately that you messed up? (immediately means it should have been fixed yesterday!) The feeling in your stomach that says, “Ugh, I so want to quit this job!” Yes, I’m having that kind of day!

So, I walk down the hall to see a co-worker & friend to vent about how rotten I feel…she’s not at her desk. As I turn around, looking all sad and down, another coworker asks where everyone is. As we start chatting & walking back to the torture chamber, I mean my desk, she stops in mid-sentence & says, “Look, a rainbow!”.

Sure enough, there was a rainbow on the ceiling all the way down the hall! I was like a kid in a toy store, immediately pulling out my camera to see if I could capture it! My coworker & I ran around looking for where it was coming from and found that the sun was shining through someone’s glass award in their office window! I know this happens all the time, but it meant so much at that moment! That rainbow served as a reminder to keep my head up, know that everything will be OK & keep celebrating the small PEACES in life! I will be celebrating all day! And to think I would have missed it if I kept walking with my head down! Today, hold your head up high so you can see the rainbow right in front of you!

Live. Laugh. Be At Peace.


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