Creativity is Life!

After finishing two murals and a painting for my 3 children in the course of 2.5 months, I am utterly exhausted. Working a 8 hours a day, coming home to spend to spend time with the family & then staying up to paint ’til 3 in the morning is ROUGH!!!

Nevertheless, I have to say that I have never felt so ALIVE! Down in the kids play area, listening to the Beyonce or Jason Mraz station on Pandora (or quiet when the Pandora app stopped working, LOL), everything was just… RIGHT! It didn’t matter that i hadn’t eaten in hours, that i had to pee or that the next morning at work was gonna be rough…I just wanted to keep painting! Dancing & singing while mixing colors, re-mixing colors, , tweaking my first idea as new ideas rolled in, discovering new techniques & perfecting old ones, stepping back to get a better view of the whole piece. The parts I despised in the beginning, like priming (ugh), prep & clean-up, fade away as I step back & look at the finished piece in awe. Every stroke, every color, every element, whether I they were perfect or not, belonged to me & only me!!

A day after finishing my daughter’s mural, I felt this sense of peace. Up until now, With a new job & the every day craziness of life, painting & drawing had taken a back seat. But this feeling made me realize that I need not take my creativity for granted, because it is bigger than I can comprehend. You see, In the midst of life I never realized how closely creativity and life are related. Just like creativity, life is ever-changing, even as we are in the middle of it! At some point we have to prepare & strategize before we act. At other points, we just have to conquer our fears and dive in head first. For every part of life that goes smoothly, there are some other parts that are just HARD! We have to change and assess again and again until you get them right. Yet & still there are some other mistakes and parts of life that we just can’t fix . We have to learn to live with them & keep it moving, even if it means we need to change paths for a bit & return later or maybe even start all over again. And during our entire lives, we are learning new things & strengthening the things we already know, so that when it is done, we can stand back & marvel at the life that we created!

I now have a much deeper appreciation for all things creative. Realizing it’s importance not only in my life, but also in the lives of our current & future generations!

Until next time, Live, Laugh & Be AT PEACE!

At Peace Arts






5 thoughts on “Creativity is Life!

  1. It is SO important to model creativity for our children. I commend you. When are you going to post photos of these amazing murals!

  2. Thank you! Yes, I wish I had a room like this when I was a kid…I do admit, I LOVE playing with the kids in this room. It is a far cry from the horrible wood paneling that was in there before!

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