We Live…We Laugh… We Grow Things


“Expect to see something new & awesome everyday…and you will!”

On Mothers Day this year, me & the kids planted a fruit & vegetable garden! I had no idea I would fall in love!!!
I am the last person to want to take care of a plant. My husband says that all plants should consider themselves dead as soon as they hit the front door of our house! Although my mother & sister are plant lovers, my thumb is definitely not green! I’m also not fond of the idea of caring for one more thing than I have to because my life is hectic enough!!! But, nevertheless, I thought it would be a fun activity to do with my kiddies & nice to eat something we’ve grown.
After purchasing all of the necessary stuff, losing the seeds for a few weeks & finding them again, we were ready to begin. Not only was it hard work getting out all of the weeds & leaves & HUGE rocks & turning over the soil, it was even harder trying to get my son to step anywhere near the dirt! (He was petrified of the spiders & doesn’t really like to get dirty!). But, I will never forget when he whispered in my ear, “I conquered my fear, Mommy” after he realized he had been playing in the garden for a while. I did however get whacked in the face with a shovel as he was running away from one that came a little too close to him, LOL! (I also conquered a fear & held a worm for the first time EVER! It’s funny how we have to conquer our own fears so that our children are able to conquer theirs, huh?)



Mommy, I conquered my fear!!!


Mommy, look what I found!!!

Finally, it was time to put something in the ground!!! We planted strawberries, cucumbers, a grapevine, green peppers, a watermelon plant, oregano, carrots, broccoli & a mystery plant that says Jalapeño peppers, but we think may have been mis-labeled. We have seen a great amount of growth in only a week. The funniest part…think I am more excited than the kids now. I LOVED digging in the dirt & imagining what our end product would look like! Since Sunday, I have researched organic pesticides, how to naturally get rid of weeds & ways to keep our neighborhood raccoon from completing his grocery shopping in our garden. I check it in the morning before I go to work & in the evening when I get home, fully expecting & super excited to find a new bud or leaf growing…and I always find something! Just think, if we looked at life in the same way, how beautifully awesome it could be!?! We would look for growth, opportunity, beauty, love, life & laughter instead of worrying about the negative. Wow… What a wonderful world!

Who would have ever thought that a garden could teach us so much about life! Do you have a garden? What have you learned from it? Please share. And feel free to share some tips for growing beautiful things in a garden 🙂

Until next time,
Live, Laugh & Be At Peace,



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The Watkins Castle Garden!

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