Giggles for Dinner

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. Mark Twain

Last night, before we ate our ribs, rice and broccoli, we enjoyed giggles for dinner and they were soooo sweet.  One of the things that drives me bananas during dinner time is when the kids are sitting at the table and keep whining, “I’m hungry,” despite the fact that I am running like a mad-woman to get all of the food on the plates!  Normally, I am saying through clenched teeth, “Please stop.  That is not helping me to move any faster and is actually a little annoying, ” which of course gets them going even more!

So last night, I changed the game.  I had them try and say I’m hungry 50 times while I got dinner together as fast as I could.  If I got dinner ready before they got to 50, I’d win, but if they got to 50 first, they’d win.  (The Watkins crew loves a good race!)

Well, I won, of course!  It was hard to remember what number they were on when they were cracking up laughing at themselves because they realized they were saying “Ong Hongry’ and had to start over.   I’m not sure what number they counted to, but by the end, we were all cracking up laughing!

I choose laughter over frustration any day!

Until next time,

Live, Laugh & Be At Peace.


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