5 Quick Peace-Filled Goodies Just for You!

Embrace The Love Print

Hello Loves!

Happy Valentines Day yesterday! Happy Singles Awareness Day today!

If Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved ones some love, then Singles Awareness Day
is all about being fully aware of your true self & loving & nourishing that self to PEACES!!!

But, lets be real, whether you are aware of your true calling or still searching, at times, life can
feel like one big drain fest! And we all know it’s near impossible to see peace in your life when
you’re cranky, tired & overwhelmed!

So, here are 5 quick peace-filled goodies to add to your stress-fighting arsenal.
All geared towards pouring into YOU! Some can be used in a pinch.
Others have more long-lasting results.
Your path to peace awaits…

1) Turn up the music & shake your booty.
Studies show that doing just 10 minutes of physical activity
three times a day can improve mood, relieve depression, and increase
feelings of well-being.

2) Let the dirty dishes “soak” overnight & use the time you saved to
do something that sings to your soul! Paint, exercise, play the cello with your
toes, whatever! Don’t worry, the dishes promise to not run away.

3) Daydream for 5 minutes. Take 2 minutes to write those daydreams down.
(For small kids, you may need to retreat to a locked bathroom!)

4) Smile or laugh in the mirror for 1 minute.
(If you need help, click the link at the bottom of this newsletter for a laugh
at my expense!)

5) Before you fall into bed, write down/ type into your phone one good thing about your day.
As your list begins to grow, you may be amazed at how peace-filled your life really is!

Want more peace?
Join the peace-filled conversation on my blog!
Where you can let me know how you feel after trying one or all of these &
Share your peace-inducing goodies that work great in a pinch!!!

Here is that Shamelessly funny video:

Until next time,
Wishing you Love, Laughter and OOGOBS of PEACE.



2 thoughts on “5 Quick Peace-Filled Goodies Just for You!

  1. These are wise and wonderful tips! And your artwork here feels like a big hug, just looking at it! I am immensely enjoying reading through your posts, and hope you keep on posting 🙂 Thanks for ‘finding’ me and commenting because you made it so easy to find you back – and I’m so glad I did. Wishing you love, laughter and peace too! Looking forward to following here and staying in touch with a kindred spirit. Happy hugs, Gina

      I can’t say enough how much light you just
      Added to my day! Thank you for the kind
      Words about my words & art. They made me
      Smile BIG, which I like to do ALOT!!!

      Big hugs to you & so glad we’re connected
      On this road to Love, Laughter & Peace !

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