A High 5 from At Peace Arts!!!

High 5

Pssst…You know that little girl inside of you? Take a second to give her a big hug and a high 5!!!
She has grown up to be a phenomenal woman, in spite of all of the drama!

A Glorious Friday to you, Loves!

There is so much going on today…

You all are the first to peek at the newest print from At Peace Arts, above!!!  It’s called ‘High 5’
and speaks to the importance of embracing our past, while moving towards the future.
Even when our pasts are yuck, I realize how important it is to recognize our growth.
That despite it all, we are still here.  Still standing.  Still pushing past the hurt, anger and frustration and
dancing towards the love, laughter and peace. Our pasts, whether good or bad, mold us,
help us make important decisions and ultimately push us to action.  Whether it’s
starting a business, knitting a sweater or tucking in a child, our reflection of our pasts determines
how we approach everything in our lives!

The ‘High 5’ peace is available for purchase at atpeacearts.com.  The words 
below the picture above will be included on the back of the print.

Speaking of celebrating women, today marks the first day of Women’s History Month and as promised, every day a new AMAZING woman will be featured on the At Peace Arts Fan Page

on Facebook. Like the fan page to be inspired by other women that are
creating a life they LOVE and spreading tons of peace! 

And lastly, today is Share a Smile Day!
Take a second to smile at someone for no reason at all!  Maybe even pay someone a
compliment!  It will add sparkle to your day
and brighten theirs.  Amazing how something so tiny can bring such humongous joy!

Until next time,
Wishing you Love, Laughter and OOGOBS of PEACE.


Want more peace?
Join the peace-filled conversation on my blog!

P.S. If you would like to be featured or know someone
who is creating a life she loves, please contact me,

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