Why you Need a Battle Flag…

flag day 2

Happy Flag Day Friday, Loves!

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “What in the world is Flag Day?”

History Lesson: Flag Day is the birthday of the American Flag as well as the US Army’s birthday. During the Civil War designatedunarmed soldiers carried flags to let units know where to move on the battlefield. If a soldier got separated from his unit, In the noise and confusion of battle , they would look for their fellow soldier holding their flag. The flag represented that unit’s mission, core values and the whole reason they were fighting in the first place! They protected and upheld it at all costs.

What if we all had to carry around a battle flag? 

A flag that was a bold and brave statement of our mission and core values. 

What would YOUR flag look like? 

I challenge you to create your own battle flag! 

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~Until next time, wishing you love, laughter and peace…


One thought on “Why you Need a Battle Flag…

  1. Thanks Kyia! I love this idea. How cool would it be to be able to unite with like-minded others by the symbols of peace, love and unity on our flags? Imagine if we could even wear badges that showed how we believe in inclusivity, and that we are all one family! Bless your heart for this delightful post. I am with you! Hugs, Gina

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