Love Looks

This blog post from my dear friend Lisa McCrohan truly touched my heart this morning. It’s so easy for us to be ready to cross off the checklist to feel like we accomplished something, yet our greatests accomplishments, our children, our husbands, our gifts, ourselves barely even make it onto that long list. This week I’m challenging myself to put things on my list like ‘Give more hugs than commands, laugh out loud with the kids and give undivided attention’…

What would you add to your list?
Be inspired by Lisa’s post!

~love, laughter & peace,

4 thoughts on “Love Looks

  1. Kyia, I am so grateful to you for reblogging this! (AND I love the layout of your blog! I was going to use this theme at some point when I move my blog to my website!). As I commented on the Barefoot BArn’s blog, I so think these Love Looks – these looks of compassion – truly heal us. Love to you, girl!!! Keep on lovin’ this world the way you do!!!

  2. What a wonderful reblog, from the always-inspiring Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing this along, as we can all use some reminders on what we really want to put on our lists. Cheers, Gina

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