How to Fail Greatly & Discover Peace


Failing stinks. Lets be real here. I Would NOT complain if everything I attempted went off without a hitch! I love the rush I get from trying something new & different…the failing part, ummm, not so much!

Sometimes despite steering my heart, mind & spirit toward success, there are a few things that fail…EPICALLY!

The cookies come out hard as bricks, the paint job peels because I was too impatient to prime first or that dress I put on has a huge stain on it that I failed to see before I put it on!

I like to think that my failures are not in vain. That they teach those closest to me the fine art of failing greatly. That it’s OK to fall or not be good at something, to laugh it off & move onto the next big adventure or try it again with a different method.


I still get a little sensitive when I chef up a Pinterest recipe that my son (aka the future Chef Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen) turns his nose up & opts to eat cereal instead. But, I’m learning everyday that failure is a part of life. Without it, we have no gage for success. No way to make things better or leave ’em alone completely. Or bring in reinforcements for the stuff we’re not so good at. The more we embrace the fact that its gonna happen at some point, not dwelling on it or fearing it, the more peace we invite into our lives!

And just in case you were wondering…those bricks, I mean, cookies…You better believe we decorated them all pretty and tried to eat them while laughing hysterically & trying not to crack a tooth. And we’re going to attempt to make ’em again, definitely with some tweaking and reinforcements!

One kitchen wall got primed & painted a beautiful sea blue color…the others are still a sad mix of aqua blue & paneling. Yes, it is as ugly as it sounds.

And the dress?…Oh, please! You all know I gave up & put on my jeans, T-shirt & Red Sneaks!

I dare you to be less than perfect at something today! Wishing you Love, Laughter & tons of Peace!

PS. The first time I tried to post this last week, it didn’t work. Got my fail in! LOL!


Kyia Watkins
At Peace Arts
Artwork celebrating every PEACE of life!

2 thoughts on “How to Fail Greatly & Discover Peace

  1. I love this post Kyia! It makes me smile in camaraderie as one who also fails epically yet bravely continues to try new things. Good for you to share this with us, as it role models how we all can shrug it off and keep on keepin’ on. It is all on purpose and it really does all work out. Big happy hugs to you! Gina xo

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