Wishing you Love, Laughter and Peace in 2014


Hi Loves,

We’ve toasted in the New Year with painted glasses (of course) and put the kids to bed, so I finally have a moment to sit down and say…

                                      Wishing you Love, Laughter and PEACE this 2014! 

If your life is anything like mine, 2013 came with lots of humps, bumps and hard decisions, but also with some amazing joys, accomplishments and mini celebrations!

I’ve heard a lot of my family and friends making resolutions about being ‘the new them” or being different than they were in 2013.  I’d like to think that I am actually pretty happy with me.  Not to say that I will not work hard to find quick meals to put on the dinner table or make a priority to spend more quality time with my kids and hubby, But, I don’t want to change ME!I I just want to continue to grow into the me that I am destined to be!

I wish the same for all of you this year and beyond!  To be the mother, friend, artist, teacher, student you can be, Let’s work together to be the best us’s (yep, my first made-up word of 2014!) we can be!

Some of the sweetest inspiration that I’ve heard in 2013 that will stay with me throughout the New Year…

A friend of mine was having a conflict. Her son was witness. After he watched her resolve the conflict, . he said…

 “Mom, sorry you had that bump in your day. But your life is a kajillion moments and that was just a bump. You know how when they are making movies they just cut out the bad parts- and stick the rest together- well just do that.”

Until next time, wishing you Love, Laughter & Peace,

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