Thankful for the Little Things


Good morning, Loves!

I hope that your day is filling up with peace!

Every night I try (HARD, really HARD) to write down the things I’m thankful for. It just reminds me that despite whatever went wrong in the daytime, there are soooo many things that went right, without me even doing anything! And usually, I end up coming up with more things to be thankful for than I thought I would when I started writing! It just feels good & brings on heaps of peace!

I challenge you to try keeping a running list of the little things you are thankful for today. Do whatever works for you…once every hour, before you doze off to sleep, on the commute home. I put mine in the notes section of my phone, so I don’t have to keep track of a notebook!

I’d love to hear how it goes!

Wishing you Love, Laughter & Peace,


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