Peaces of The Week & A Brand New Peace!

Hello Loves!
It’s weeks like this that force you really put on your thankful cap to avoid going a tiny bit insane, LOL! But, I love when things work out in my favor, especially in these times…right when I feel like I just might lose it! Despite working my day job for half of my day off when I wanted to be painting & not really feign well, I’ve actually had a lot of peaces in my life this week! Here’s 5 things that made me smile humongous this week…

5) Brunch in bed is always nice when you’ve been working since 8am & skipped breakfast. Thankful to my hubster for the yummy food! My tummy was about to start a riot!

4) Grandmothers make the BEST chicken stew (and the most secret! They NEVER use recipes!) and mine brought some over this week! YAY! No cook Tuesday! Some homemade cornbread & we were good to go!


3) Me & the kiddos had a blast cheffin’ up some homemade granola bars last night. I think everything but the kitchen sink is in those bad boys! We haven’t tried them yet, because they had to be refrigerated for a bit, but I’ll let you all know if it was an epic fail or an amazing success. (We have a ton of the former option in the Watkins household, but we keep on cooking!) Check out the recipe here.


2) Starting last week, I began my journey to organization, starting with our weekly meals…and as this week comes to an end, I am so excited to say that I was successful!!! Cooked almost all of my meals on Sunday & just had to heat stuff up when I walked in the door from work…SWEET PEACE!!! Go ME!
I’ve been cooking up an At Peace Arts inspired meal planner & will share it with you soon, Loves!

1) From the last 4 items above, you would think that I did nothing but eat & work! But, not only did I paint, I finished the first original peacefirmation painting! WOOHOO!! I am LOVING this peace! I have to say my fav part are the stripes on the sides! They add so much fun to the canvas! I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone on THIS one!


My heart is happiest when I let go and forgive

I couldn’t agree more with the words in this peace. There is no worse feeling than holding onto something that is making us unhappy. Sometimes we need to forgive others to find peace & freedom. Other times, it’s us that we need to forgive to be free! For some reason, forgiving myself for losing my temper with the kids or not meditating is alot harder than forgiving others for wronging us!

Holding in frustration or anger for myself or anyone else never made me feel better. I’ve only ended up with a stomachache or more upset because the person I’m holding a grudge for seems to be happily going on with their lives & at times has had no clue about my internal drama! It’s a constant learning process!


I’m taking any advice ya got for doling out the forgiveness, so please put your remedies in the comments!!!

Click here to go to check out the newest original peace, available for purchase on

Wishing you Love, Laughter & Peace until we chat again,



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