Today I am Thankful…For a Brand New Project


Hi Loves! So, I have been procrastinating on starting (or finishing) any projects these past few weeks, but I have had this one project in my head now for a few months that refuses to leave my brain ( kinda like that nagging theme song from Adventure Time, my kids favorite TV show). I think this one might bring some real peace into my home.

I have a habit of being a bit craptastic when I walk into the Watkins castle. One minute in the door & it begins…

“Why are your bags & coats on the floor?”

“What is this mess?”

“I can’t cook with every dish in the sink!”

I’m sure most of you know the drill…

Kinda unfair for the family that hasn’t seen me all day, to get the worst part of me. I mean at work, I have to be in a good mood…if I showed my crappy side at work everyday, I’d need to look for another job ASAP!

I know I’m in need of a swift kick in the butt that says “Get your ish together, Girl! You have sooooo much to smile about! Stop complaining, ” but I’d prefer it to be bright & colorful and free of pain.

So, today, I’m excited to start my ‘Today I am Thankful for’ chalkboard. Something all of us can use to write down what we’re thankful for at a moment’s notice. And I want to put it RIGHT at the entry door, so even guests can show how thankful they are!

Project Thankful ACTIVATED!!! I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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