Today I am Thankful…For a Brand New Project

Hi Loves! So, I have been procrastinating on starting (or finishing) any projects these past few weeks, but I have had this one project in my head now for a few months that refuses to leave my brain ( kinda like that nagging theme song from Adventure Time, my kids favorite TV show). I think […]

Peaces of The Week & A Brand New Peace!

Hello Loves! It’s weeks like this that force you really put on your thankful cap to avoid going a tiny bit insane, LOL! But, I love when things work out in my favor, especially in these times…right when I feel like I just might lose it! Despite working my day job for half of my […]

How to Fail Greatly & Discover Peace

Failing stinks. Lets be real here. I Would NOT complain if everything I attempted went off without a hitch! I love the rush I get from trying something new & different…the failing part, ummm, not so much! Sometimes despite steering my heart, mind & spirit toward success, there are a few things that fail…EPICALLY! The […]

Giggles for Dinner

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. Mark Twain Last night, before we ate our ribs, rice and broccoli, we enjoyed giggles for dinner and they were soooo sweet.  One of the things that drives me bananas during dinner time is when the kids are sitting at the table and keep whining, “I’m hungry,” […]

We Live…We Laugh… We Grow Things

“Expect to see something new & awesome everyday…and you will!” On Mothers Day this year, me & the kids planted a fruit & vegetable garden! I had no idea I would fall in love!!! I am the last person to want to take care of a plant. My husband says that all plants should consider […]

The Reality of a Mother’s Day

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? -Milton Berle                 If you are anything like me, you have probably asked the question above almost every day!  (Sometimes 3 times a day!) As another Mother’s Day comes around, it always makes me think about how boring and […]